Richards Imaging Experience


Richards biomedical imaging related experience can be broadly divided into the following areas (url links are provided for examples in each area):


1)        Standard Light microscopy (DIC/Phase/fluorescent) and image processing (Volume deconvolution).

a.          Phase-contrast and DIC example images

b.         Immunohistochemistry example image

c.          TUNEL labeling example

2)        Laser based imaging: Confocal microscopy: Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy.  High-speed two colour TIRF microscopy

a.          TIRF example

b.         TIRF example (Quicktime movie)

3)        Three dimensional imaging and volume reconstruction: Computed tomography (CT) imaging, and episcopic fluorescence imaging (EFIC) (for review see: Rapid high resolution three dimensional reconstruction of embryos with episcopic fluorescence image capture. Birth Defects Research Part C, Embryo Today: Reviews 72: 213-223, 2004.),

a.          EFIC example z-stack

b.         EFIC 3D-reconstruction

c.          CT example image stack

d.         CT 3D-reconstruction

4)        Live cell/tissue imaging:  time-lapse imaging of cell motility in tissue Explants and whole mount tissue sections (Light/Fluorescence). High-speed imaging of cilia beat dynamics and measurement of cilia generated flow (fluorescent beads).

a.          Cell migration time-lapse example (Quicktime movie)

b.         Epifluorescent time-lapse example (Quicktime movie)

c.          High-speed imaging example (Quicktime movie)

d.         Imaging cilia generated flow (Quicktime movie)

e.          High-speed imaging example 2 (Quicktime movie)

f.           Cilia activity in the embryonic node (Quicktime movie)

g.         Cilia generated flow within the embryonic node (Quicktime movie)

h.         Live embryo imaging 1 (Quicktime movie)

i.           Live embryo imaging 2 (Quicktime movie)

5)        Specialty imaging techniques.  Electrophysiology dye injection to quantify gap-junctional communication between cells.

a.          Single cell dye injection

b.         Dye injection assay